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Mixing for music and film is one of OwlCove’s specialties. With thousands of mixes under our belt, you can expect the very best from OwlCove.
All mixes are completed in our state of the art, world-class private mix suite utilizing a combination of wonderfully maintained vintage analog outboard gear, and a beautiful ProTools HDX system.
When preparing to submit files for mixing, please consider the following:
  • All tracks must be exported as individual .wav files at their native sample rate and bit depth. (These are called stems)
  • All stems must be the same length, so that if you play them all starting at their beginning, they will match up and play the song.
  • All stems must be COMPLETELY dry, with no compression, EQ, reverb, delay, or any other effects. Trust us, our gear will do the same thing but better.
  • Provide your “producer’s mix” (your own rough mix) of the song as well so that we may reference it for general feel.
  • Think of a few popular releases that have the sounds that you are looking for, and we will happily use them as references.
  • Three free revision mixes are included for each song should you want anything adjusted.
  • Additional revision mixes are just $10 each.
To purchase Mixing Services, please visit our Store.
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