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Other Services

Vocal Tuning:

We understand that the vocal is the most important part of your track. We will hand tune your vocals for you with Melodyne starting at $50 per track.

Time Alignment:

Wish that your backing vocals sounded tight like your favorite pop song? Wish your guitarist could play in time? Can you tell that it’s your drummer at the door because the knocking speeds up? We will time-align your tracks for you starting at just $50 per instrument.

Analog Processing:

Are you mixing a track, but wish that you had that insanely expensive analog tube compressor for your vocal? Send your tracks to us, and we will run them through our beautifully maintained and calibrated analog outboard gear and send it back to you for a flat $10 per track fee! Popular choices include our Manley Vari-Mu, API 2500, Chandler RS124, DBX 160, and Eventide H3000 SE. A full list of available gear is available on our Equipment page.


Have a DI guitar or bass track that you wish had been played through a killer sounding amp, in a great sounding room, with top notch microphones, incredible preamps, and high quality converters? Send us your DI tracks, and we will do just that starting at $50 per track.

Mix Critiques:

Want a second opinion on your mix? Send it over, and for $20 we will write up our detailed opinions on your mix based on playback in our incredibly acoustically accurate private mix suite, across an array of professional studio monitors. The best part is, if you decide to have us mix it for you, the critique fee is used towards the cost of the mix!
To purchase any of these services, please visit our Store.
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