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All mixes are completed in our state of the art, world-class private mix suite utilizing a combination of wonderfully maintained vintage analog outboard gear, and a beautiful ProTools HDX system.

Mixing Services (Per Song)

  • Upon purchasing a mix from OwlCove, please email your files, order number, and other instructions to


    When preparing to submit files for mixing, please consider the following:

    • Each track (kick, snare, vox, etc...) must be exported individually as .wav files at their native sample rate and bit depth.

    • Export each track so that it lasts the full length of the song, even if it is just a short part. That way, all of the audio files will line up and be in time with eachother when they are imported into our session.

    • All tracks must be COMPLETELY dry, with no compression, EQ, reverb, delay, or any other effects.

    • Provide your “producer’s mix” (your own rough mix) of the song as well so that we may reference it for general feel.

    • Think of a few popular releases that have the sounds that you are looking for, and we will happily use them as sonic references.

    • Three free revision mixes are included for each song should you want anything adjusted.

    • Additional revision mixes are just $10 each.

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